Pediatric Balance

Item Code : CTL 20B Series Item Code : CTL 20BS Series

Our Pediatric Balance is used for measuring the weight of infants. The CTL 20B Pediatric Balance is designed as an all-in-one unit with no moving parts. Its averaging weight technology guarantees incredible sensitivity for those small patients. Our Pediatric Balance is light in weight, yet durable enough to provide reliable performance. An easy-to-read bakelite LCD or bright LED makes this infant scale ideal for taking quick and accurate measurements. Pediatric Balance also includes a self-adhesive measuring ruler (infanto-meter) to assess baby's height at the same time. Pediatric Balance has various features like saving feature which will make the user access the last measurement, freeze feature that can hold the weight, etc.


  • Specially used in infant/baby weighing
  • Ideal for hospital/medical /pediatric purpose
  • Government Health Department
  • Models Approved by Govt. Of India


  • Light Weight Battery Operated Scale
  • Convenient design for infant/baby weighing
  • Tare and Autohold function
  • Autometic Zero Setting
  • Attachable baby length measure
  • Display bright red LED/ backlite LCD for easy viewing
  • Platform dimensions: 550 mm X 200 mm