Digital Refractometer (CDR Series)

Digital Refractometer (CDR Series)

We offer the clients a wide range of Digital Refractometer (CDR Series), which is appreciated for its innovative, compact design and long life. We are among the credible Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Digital Refractometers.

Data Function
Digital laboratory refractometers from A. Krüss Optronic are setting new benchmarks on many counts. An intuitive touchscreen presents a clear overview of all data and functions and the integrated SQL database stores all data and allows external access via a network or standalone PC.

The refractive index can be a parameter in quantitative or qualitative analysis and quality assurance. Degrees of polymerisation can also often be monitored frequently, quickly and costefficiently without turbidity or the colour of the sample affecting measurement precision.

Preparation of Sample
There is no longer any elaborate preparation of samples necessary. The sample is simply placed on the measuring prism and the measurement process is started.

Peltier Temperature
As the refractive index depends on the temperature of the sample, the refractometer should be tempered.The DR6000 series is thus available with integrated electronic temperature control by means of a Peltier element. This type of temperature control is faster and more reliable than previous water bath thermostats which can be connected to the digital refractometer without Peltier temperature control. It is thus possible to carry on using an existing thermostat.